Our recent project, Calais Kids Space, is now up and running supporting the those living in the refugee camp. We will be continuing to support and improve the building in the coming months by providing a stove and solar PV panels.


Calais Kids Space

A decent, low cost, flat-pack, timber frame building to support unaccompanied children living in the migrant camp in Calais, France, informally known as the ‘Jungle’. This is intended as a one-off building…for now.

Calais kids space was supported entirely through charitable donations and volunteers. The funding for the project began with a successful crowdfunder campaign and continued support from The Design Buro and the Sisters at Mater Ecclesiae Convent.



The Project Initiator

The community buildings are intrinsic to any semblance of hope in a place like ‘The Jungle’. They act as safe places for children and as hubs for the improvement of daily life. Because the political situation forces these communities to be transient, the buildings which support such a community are always at risk.

After subsequent visits to the migrant camp, we understand there is no place for unaccompanied minors to stay together and safe at night, we hope this building can provide such a place. Moreover, the communal spaces for women and children to come together are becoming overwhelmed with the rapid increase in the camps population. Calais kids space became a daytime teaching space for children within 48 hours.


We set out to design and build a community space which would work with the transient and turbulent nature of the migrant camp. It was prefabricated off-site with every component sized to fit the vehicles available. The assembly of the kit-of-parts took two days to erect on site.


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